A Little Pear Tarte Tatin?


Hi All,

Another action packed week at Pudding HQ, we have been to see some more family and I got loads of cuddles again! Apparently they weren’t really there to see me but to meet up before they went to see the football in Manchester, this can’t be true. Besides Mummy says I am for more interesting than watching 11 men kick a ball up and down a field and fail to actually score (Daddy looked very grumpy about this and muttered something that made Mummy raise her eyebrows…) Still it was a pretty good day, loads of attention for me and I did look super cool in my stripey tights.

Mummy pretty much refused to leave the house Monday other than to get some birthday cake bits for Pie, she said if she had to spend anymore time in the car she was going to claw her own eyes out. I felt this was a bit extreme, lets face it, she wasn’t the one in the back of the car for the great poo explosion 2016, apparently the dogs have been grounded pending a full investigation. Daddy has been around loads this week so he and I have been spending lots of time together, I keep talking at him so he can’t watch the TV he has to pay attention to me! We have a great new game together where I ride on his tummy like its horsey. Daddy has quiet a big tummy so its very bouncey, when we go really fast it makes me squeal with laughter and then Daddy laughs too.

Pie had his birthday Tuesday, you probably read about it, I slept through the majority of it, but I did have a bit of fun in the soft play and my first go on the slide (I had to take Daddy on because he was scared). The slide was rather whizzy and it made my crazy hair fly in all directions and I did bring a bit of my lunch up, did that stop me having another go? Hell No! Thursday we went to another farm, again I slept through it, but I think Pie is going to write a review with Mummy as he said it was amazing. However, he did walk through a large patch of mud and have complete meltdown as his shoes filled up – I woke to his angry screams and gave a self satisfied smile as I was all snuggled in my pramsuit.

If you read my post last week you will probably recall that I had been trying my hardest to persuade Mummy that I wanted some food, preferably her Dairy Milk Buttons yoghurt, but at this stage I would have settled for anything. Well as they were all sat around me last night stuffing their faces, whilst I sucked my hand and watched them greedily, I finally reached the end of my tether. I let them have it both barrels, Dad finally said ‘oh offer her some puree will you’. Yes! Result! Mummy opened an Ella’s pouch, she said it was pear, I don’t know what it was but it tasted AMAZING. I couldn’t suck it off the spoon faster enough, I nearly finished the whole pouch. Mum did look a bit shocked and then said ‘well I guess we won’t be telling the health visitor about that…’ I couldn’t help it, I needed more than milk, to be honest I don’t even particularly like milk. I do however like pear, and I expect I will soon find other things I like. Can’t wait to start on this taste journey, Mum has said we can start properly when we get back from holiday next week. Whats a holiday??

Love Pudding xx

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