Blogging Balance – Too Much Information?


Here at Pudding HQ we are all pretty new to the world of blogging, Twitter and all the things that come with it. The geeky part of me is enjoying getting to grips with coding and designing the website and I love the challenge of promoting the site. The realistic part of me says that this will never come to anything more than a hobby but what if it did? What if my website took off and became as famous as some of my other fellow bloggers? As amazing as this would be it would come with a huge amount of responsibility to Pudding & Pie.

The danger of overstaring information is brought into sharp context when you remember that everything you write or post online will be around forever. All that I write today will be available for my children to read when they are teenagers. How then will they feel about having their young lives described in every intimate detail? Do I want them to know about every personal struggle I had whilst raising them? I think the answer is no. I never want either Pudding or Pie to read anything I have written and to think that in that moment I didn’t like them or love them. I want them to read about our good times together or the hilarious disasters that befall our family on a regular basis and laugh. I don’t want them to feel that they spent the first few years of life irritating the hell out their mother, because in general that’s not true. I think I could easily fall into the trap of casting them as comical individuals or turning them into mini monsters, I hope that I don’t.

I chose to anonymise Pudding & Pie because I don’t want there school friends to Google them and be flooded with stories of toddlerhood and embarrassing pictures. I think about their long term futures – high flying execs? Politician or even Prime Minister? I can’t see that future employers would want to have access to their whole childhoods and nobody wants to hear about the Prime Ministers’ potty training. My job is to protect my kids but I also want to share my parenting experience and read about others, it’s a hard balance.

I already love the online mum community I have only recently been initiated into, every one gets each other and there is such a sense of ‘we are all in this together’. I just worry that I will turn into a moany mum blogger – concentrating only on my children’s failings and foibles, or that I will paint myself as a terrible mother! I want to be able to write hilarious, witty anecdotal posts without being either moany mum or rubbish mum. I think I can do it, I am certainly going to try!

Petite Pudding
Cuddle Fairy

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