Day Trip

Mum says today is the first day of Spring, not entirely sure what that means but the sun is shining and apparently we are off on an adventure, wherever we are going Pie seems excited so I guess it will be good when we get there.

Ooh I had a lovely snooze in the car, I didn’t really want to wake up but Mum says I need to get my cardigan on and get in the carrier. Usually I love the carrier, but what is this? This is not my wrap or my beautifully comfy Ergo, and she has scratched my face on a nasty piece of Velcro whilst trying to wrestle me in to position. I am not impressed and I am starting to feel a bit peckish…. No no no I draw the line at a hat, I hate hats, I won’t wear it I tell you (Mummy gives up, it’s spring after all). I manage to snuggle down into my unfamiliar carrier, it’s ok I guess but now I am feeling really hungry, it’s no good she is gonna have to hear me roar! Oh you have to be joking, your going to feed me in this thing? No sitting on a bench in the sunshine looking at you? Fine I will drink it but I am silently protesting with my eyes, this would never have happened with Pie. Just because I am the second baby doesn’t mean you can get away with this.

I finish my milk, grudgingly and settle back into the carrier. I really want to see these Sheep things Mummy  keeps talking about, Ewan is a sheep and he is pretty cool. But oh no my eyes are starting to close….. Suffice to say I saw nothing of the sheep or the farm, apparently Pie had a good time so I guess he will have to tell you all about it!

Love Pudding xx


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