I Wish I Was a Jam Roly Poly


Photo Credit: Cake Shop Corner via Compfight cc
Hi There Folks,

Been a busy Pudding week, up and down the country in the car to Nana and Grandad, apparently there were some issues with traffic and the sausage dogs on the way back, all I remember is that my milk was not ready when I wanted it. Honestly, Mummy really only has one important job to do and that is to keep me fed and watered and sometimes she can’t even manage that, I don’t know what she does all day! Any way fab week away, everyone cooed over me and said I was beautiful and that I looked just like my Dad (sure they meant this as a compliment). There were some rather unkind comments about my hair; I know it can look a little crazy and that there are few bald patches in places, but I think I am rocking the look frankly, besides who invited your opinion?

I grew out of all my clothes just before we left so I have been parading about in a whole new set of outfits, the leggings and a top look seems to be a winner, although the stripey tights today were pretty awesome. I have heard that Mummy has ordered some very funky foxy leggings off one of her Twitter pals, looking forward to modelling those later this week. Feeling pretty cool now that I am big enough to actually get properly dressed, there is only so long a girl can keep being seen out in her pyjamas.

This week has also seen quite a lot of enforced tummy time, I can’t say I am a huge fan but Mummy keeps insisting, so I dutifully lay on my tummy and flail about like a cat in a well. Usually I fall asleep so that she gives up and leaves me alone, but occasionally I do try and flip myself over. Mummy gets very over excited at these brief attempts, which makes me smile at her, she can’t help being a silly billy. I have to say though I would quite like to roll now as I get very frustrated being stuck in one place, especially when everyone walks off and leaves me on the floor with my toys. Don’t they know they should be watching me every second of every day? Who cares if Pie needs a wee – I am determined to do my first roll when she walks off to do a toilet run, that will teach her.

No sign of those elusive teeth, and I think I may have to admit that Mummy was right and that they aren’t coming yet. Bit of a shame really as I am getting some what of a food obsession, I can feel myself turn into a baby bird every time food comes near me, mouth open, head turning. Its all in vain, Mummy says that I am far to little to have food just yet, but if she isn’t careful I will probably just snatch if off her fork, this milk malarkey isn’t going to cut it. Speaking of milk, if she insists on giving me a medium flow teat again there is going to be trouble. I have nearly drowned in milk every time she has tried it this week, nope don’t bother to elevate and side lie me, just get the other teat back on. I am like a connoisseur of fine wine, I like to take my time and savour the flavour, you mother dear will have to put up with me taking 35 minutes to drink my milk, like I said early what else could you possibly have to do?

I’ll keep you posted on the rolling!

Love Pudding


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