It’s great to be a Pudding

Lets face it being a Pudding is great – firstly I am super cute so every where I go everyone wants to talk to me or about me. Every time I smile I feel like a celebrity , people rush to get their camera out to take a picture and to coo over me.

Then there are the cuddles – now Mummy gives the best cuddles but to be honest I am not to fussy at the moment. If you are offering to cuddle me I wont say no. Any moment not cuddling is a wasted moment in my eyes.

My super power has to be the ability to fall asleep at any given opportunity – one minute I am happily gazing round the room, next I am gone, off to snoozie land. Mind you if you wake me I turn into a dragon, Pie made this mistake only a few days ago, he won’t forget that in a hurry!

Then there are all the amazing discoveries I am making, like my own hands, they are pretty fascinating. Finding my mouth with my own hands, now that was a result, I like to suck them super loudly while Mummy is trying to watch TV! Sometimes it all gets a bit much for me and then I have to fall back on the aforementioned super power 😊

Speaking of such things it must be time for another nap Zzzzzz


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