Optional Participation – Epic Fail


So as many of you will have read, Pie went to school without an Easter bonnet today, this can only really be charted up in the big book of experience. You see as I am only going through the preschool stage for the first time I didn’t realise the importance of participating in such things as the Easter Hat Parade! The school had mentioned it in their newsletter, but the way it was written made it sound like an optional bit of fun, more aimed at those in reception classes and above, not nursery. Ah I see now this was rookie mistake, when the school says ‘your child can make and wear an East bonnet if they like’ what they mean is as a parent you are expected to craft an amazing piece of head wear which will be nothing short of being worthy of Lady Gaga. Let me tell you there were some very impressive pieces at school today, but I doubt much that the children had much to do with making them. I know for sure that had I sat down with Pie to craft this masterpiece that he would have been bored 30 seconds after starting and my house would have been covered with decapitated fluffy chicks and shredded paper. Not to mention the fact that undoubtedly one of the sausage dogs would have eaten a chick head or worse waited until the hat was drying from its many layers of PVA glue and then sat on it. So I tactfully forgot that it was the Easter Parade, but to make me feel even more like I had made a huge parenting faux pas Pie’s lovely preschool teacher made him a hat to wear at school so he wasn’t left out, cue a huge amount of Mummy guilt!

Unfortunately this is not the first time I have been duped by this apparent ‘optional participation’ first their was ‘Pinky Purple Day’ a few weeks ago when all the children had to go in purple or pink clothes in aid of Polio. I remembered this the night before, bit of an issue as Pie doesn’t own anything pink or purple, the answer was to get a white t-shirt and decorate it with a pink Sharpie. Not a great parenting triumph but least he had something to wear. Then came World Book Day, now I only have myself to blame here really as I could have done what 80% of mums did and brought a pre-made costume from Tesco’s or the like, but I didn’t, I forgot. Again. SO at 6.30 on World Book Day, I was up making some glasses out of pipe cleaners and a Gryffindor badge, I’ve got this covered I thought. Wrong again, despite his obsession with Harry Potter, Pie would not wear the glasses or the badge and would not let me draw a scar on his forehead, so he went to school in uniform. Suffice to say when he got home he wanted me to wear the glasses and he drew a scar on my head with a Sharpie pen, which has only recently come off. Finally it was Sports Relief – wear something sporty they said, this I was sure I could manage. Alas the clothes were ok but could I find a pound anywhere? Nope, I had to raid every drawer in the house trying to find enough coppers to make up the required sum, we only made it to 97p, luckily it was collected in a bucket so we threw it in and know one was any the wiser!

I love that his school has so many things he can participate in, I just wish I could get my act together. I don’t know how everyone else manages, having Pudding is only going to hold up as an excuse for a short time. Eventually I will be expected to sort my act out and get on top of all these costume days. I shudder with horror for next year, when it will be even more important to him to be participating. Before children I was pretty disorganised, I am the sort of person who loses her keys 5 times a week and ends up having to call her other half home from work to let her in. I wouldn’t mind but I write everything on the calendar and still forget it or write the wrong time down and turn up on the wrong day! Is this baby brain? I would like to say it is but really I think it might just be scatterbrain. Pretty sure Mummy Pig doesn’t have this problem, her costumes are always amazing and she doesn’t short change charities.

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