Park Life Pudding


oh my what a tiring afternoon! Mummy, Pie and his friends and me all went out to enjoy the lovely bank holiday weather at a great big park today. Mummy popped me in the carrier for some hands free time, yet again I had to have my bottle on the move, this is becoming a habit! Still it was OK as being close to Mummy is what I like best. I wasn’t to sure about the great outdoors to begin with as I had been napping in the car but with a full tummy there is nothing I can’t handle. Although it wasn’t great when a big piece of Mummy’s nobbly bobbly ice cream landed on my head, I wasn’t that impressed. Mind you it was quite funny when Pies’ ice cream fell out of his cone and Mummy picked it up, pulled a stick out of it and shoved it back on, he didn’t seem to be too worried. 🍦🍦

The boys were crazy, like a pack of wild dogs, running all over the park chasing each other and shouting. There was some to do about hand holding and someone calling someone else a princess (such sensitive souls these boys). I hung with the girls and tried to join in their conversation, I just ended up babbling at them as I was so over excited looking at the trees and sky. I tell you something though all that walking and fresh air wore me out completely, I ended up sleeping on the way back to the car! 😴

Pie loves the park it’s one of his favourite places to go – I think he is making a list of his top 5 reasons why the park is great. I bet it features a stick, he loves a stick does Pie. Me? Oh my favourite thing about the park is definitely being snuggled into Mummy with the sun on my face 😊


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