Pudding HQ Prepares to Travel


I was asked this week ‘Are you excited about your weekend away?’, it was only Monday and I have to be totally honest that on Monday I was not excited. All I could see looming in front of me were the thousand and one things that as the chief organiser, top packer and lead chauffeur (not to mention general miracle worker) I had to get done before the ‘holiday’ could begin. I mean even the word ‘holiday’ is misleading as in all honest its the same shit in a different location with only half the things you need and the overwhelming feeling that you should be enjoying yourself!

Those carefree days when I was younger when I would just buy a load of holiday cloths and dump them in the suitcase the night before are a distant memory, in part because I haven’t brought new clothes in bulk for several years. But mainly because these days I carve out a small corner of the suitcase for me, and then the rest is dedicated to those essential kid items. Now before Pudding was born life had got marginally easier, but now I am back to packing all but the kitchen sink (I would take that too but you have to have a cut off point somewhere). My husband laughs, he always reminds me that we aren’t going to outer mongolia, and its true we are only going to Wales where there will be access to Boots and Sainsbury’s should we need anything. Still top packer I am and packing I shall do.

Then comes the general organising, this includes ensuring the house is clean because I don’t want to have to trip over anything when I return from said ‘holiday’ with two tired and grumpy children. Making sure everyone has some clean pyjamas to wear and a tidy bed to get into is also essential, two tired and grumpy children remember? Of course the fridge needs looking at before we go to, who wants to return to that carton of milk that will be out of date and slightly lumpy? Worse still if you pour it into your cup of tea and take a gigantic thirst quenching swig before realising that its chewy… Don’t forget the kitchen bin as well, that nappy from this morning is not going to smell to sweet in a warm house after 4 days. The Sausages’ need some planning too, this time my brother in law is kindly coming to dog sit for a few days but the dog walker will still need to come in twice to fill in the gaps. I have to break it to the Sausages gently that they aren’t coming, Flick takes this as a personal afront and promptly refuses to move out of the car seat, when I do finally evict her she sits on her bed looking straight at the wall and refuses to look at me. Having completed the majority of my chief organiser duties its time to take up my chauffeur post.

Luckily Mr Pudding has agreed to pack the car so with a few wifely instructions he does a masterful job. I in the meantime have packed a snack bag for Pie, rechecked the map, put the postcode in my iPhone and looked at the traffic report. I know its going to be too longer a journey to do in one go, so a stop has to be planned – to early and everyone will be hungry when we arrive too late and there will be meltdown in the car. I pick what I think will be the ideal time and place. Having read a great post on tyre safety this week, I dutifully check the tread on the tires and contemplate looking at the oil level and windscreen wash but my enthusiasm is waning now as its raining, instead I check I have the breakdown cover details! Finally we are ready and the kids are strapped in, Mr Pudding has loaded a playlist on the stereo and we are away. 2 minutes later it begins ‘Are we there yet….’ Like I said ‘holidays’ same shit different place!

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12 thoughts on “Pudding HQ Prepares to Travel

  1. Suburban Mum says:

    Ahhh you’ve hit the nail on the head. We were in Devon for the second part of the Easter break and I did all the things you mentioned before going away. The house had to be immaculate, fridge emptied, food bin emptied and cleaned. New bedsheets and pjs ready for when we returned – seriously it was madness!!

    I hope you had a lovely break though I have heard good things about Bluestone!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

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    • Petite Pudding says:

      We had a great time at Bluestone thanks and we were certainly grateful of clean beds and PJs upon our return. And luckily our empty fridge had been filled with a home made bolognese by our brother in law ready for when we got back! Thanks for commenting x


  2. The Pramshed says:

    I know exactly what you mean about packing and preparing to go away on holiday with little ones. Your post sums up perfectly how I feel every time we go away, except for having to sort out the dogs as we don’t have any. I feel like I need to plan everything to military precision, writing a list, and then writing another list of all the last minute things I need to pack. We have been away a fair few times now since our little one was born, the first time it was really daunting knowing what to pack for a 3 week old, I do feel like a bit of a pro now, and have written a UK Holiday Pack List on my blog. You do feel like you’re taking everything with you including the kitchen sink, don’t you. Like you my husband always packs the car, and I try to make him pack it the night before so we can make a speedy getaway in the morning. I hope you had a lovely holiday. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back next Sunday. Claire x

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  3. Madeline says:

    This is all so true! I always find it stressful getting ready to go away on holiday, and convince myself that I’m going to forget something really important! Hope you had a fab time away! x #KCACOLS

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  4. babiesbiscuitsandbooze says:

    Aha this made me chuckle! We are going away next week and we have to take so much stuff for such a small person! Luckily he’s at quite an easy age so I am hoping that we will at least enjoy the change of scenery and the fact that B will be off work! #KCACOLS

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