What no Easter Bonnet?


Ladies and Gentlemen, as I sit here today I have to confess my disappointment in my Mummy. Can you believe that she sent me to school with no Easter bonnet when its parade day? I first noticed the potential problem as we walked to school, lots of the other children were carrying or wearing these beautiful hand crafted hats, covered in chicks and eggs. I could hear her start to mutter under her breath to Pudding in the carrier, ‘maybe he won’t notice’ I heard her say. Notice? I may spend most of the time wrapped up in the world of Harry Potter, but I don’t live on a different planet!

I don’t say anything to her about the hats, but chat quite happily about my plans for pirates invading the sand pit and whether my best friend will be at school before us. Then when we are standing in the playground and are surrounded by all the other children and their beautiful hats, I let her know that the lack of Easter bonnet has not gone unnoticed. ‘Mummy’ I say loudly ‘where is my Easter hat, everyone else has one, it makes me very sad that I don’t have one’, queue a nasty pink colour creeping over her cheeks and some fervent eye glances to see who has heard me speak. Just to make sure every one heard I repeat the last part of the sentence again ‘I am very sad that you didn’t make me an Easter hat Mummy’. I can almost hear her embarassment as she crouches down to speak to me. She does say sorry and makes some excuse about forgetting last night, then I pounce, this is the time to ensure that I get everything on my wish list whilst she is wracked with guilt. I quickly request that when I get home from school we watch Harry Potter,  that I can have my wand back (confiscated earlier that morning for trying to curse Pudding), I can have an Easter egg and that tomorrow we can do some Easter based crafts. She agrees to all of the above without complaint, so I gently pat her on the arm and say quietly that it doesn’t matter about the hat…


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