12378105_10153752612834641_4306905372383558969_oHi There!

I am Pudding & Pie’s Mummy and as well as raising two small children I am also a qualified Neonatal Nurse with over 6 years experience of working with newborn babies, new mums and dads and mums of multiples and premature babies. I set up this website as platform to pass on useful advice to parents, not just basic baby care but all aspects of bringing a new person into your home. Whether its equipment and product reviews, feeding advice, promoting good sleep habits or simply some light relief from the day to day issues of raising children.

Currently I am enjoying maternity leave with my second baby and am surrounded by an army of Mum’s, Dads, and Grandparents all sharing their own stories of raising children. As this site develops I hope that you find the information helpful but I also hope that you will share your stories and experiences and help me to show all parents out there that there is no perfect way to parent a child and that no one is perfect all the time, but that we are all on a learning journey. By taking little snippets from everyone else we are able to mould ourselves and our families.


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