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Week 3

So here we are Week 3 of #PuddingLove! Well you have hopefully found us safely in our new home following an epic move this week, bear with us while we sort out some technical bits. Still without further ado I am pleased to announce that post of the week came from @BabyAnon – grab yourself the ‘Top Pudding’ badge! a very funny post about baby’s first bath that had me chuckling come and see for yourself  My First Bath – Secret Life of Baby All the posts were great last week and I think a special mention to @mummyitsok for the post on how you can help someone with postnatal depression was very helpful and informative.
This week, as many of you may have seen, we have had a great weekend at Bluestone Wales, my post reviews what a great place this is and explains the joys of holidays at Pudding HQ.
Thats’ it from me, get yourselves linked up and I look forward to reading this weeks posts!!
Love Puddings’ Mum


Some excellent posts for our first week at #PuddingLove, I really enjoyed all of them, special mentions for @mummyinatutu for her picture post which included some lovely pictures and also to @parentingjungle but there can only be one #TopPudding. Fan fare please! I am excited to announce that the first Top Pudding is Colley’s Wobbles (@colleywobbles), fab post and hit a few personal notes for me, drawings were also funny and brilliant – well worth a Read if you haven’t already. Please grab yourself the *new and exclusive* Top Pudding badge chick 🙂

I have gone back to the archives for my linked up post this week,‘Introducing Pudding’ reminiscing about the arrival of Pudding and those first few weeks getting a new family balance. Was a difficult few weeks but I do miss those newborn snuggles. Looking forward to reading all your posts, we are away this weekend, but I will comment on all before next Wednesday




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