Pudding Reviews

Pudding has loads of great products that make Mummy’s life easier, if we have done a new review you will find it on our blog but we have made this little section so that if you want to look back on our reviews they are all in one place.

If you would like us to review your product or service please get in touch!

Chicco Lullago Crib


What a fantastic idea the Chicco Lullago crib is – bigger than a Moses basket and perfect for keeping in Mum & Dads room. It’s great for staying away from home too as it folds small for transport and takes seconds to put together at the other end.

We have been using this as Puddings main bed since she was born, with its mainly closed in fabric sides it just seemed warmer than her cot during those chilly winter months. She certainly seems to sleep very well in it and the mattress appears quite comfortable. Most importantly the mattress doesn’t rustle everyttime she wriggles so it’s not like sleeping next to a crisp packet all night. The Chicco Lullago is a great size, It gives Pudding lots of room, not that she really uses it as she still likes to be swaddled up like a sausage, but if she wanted to she could sleep like a starfish! Because of its big size the Lullago can be used up to 6 months unlike a normal Moses basket, making it a better value but at around Β£80..

We particularly like how the Lullago folds into a handy travel bag as we do spend quite a few nights at relatives. It’s so easy to pack away, take the mattress out and fold it in half, whip the legs off, collapse the bed put everything in carry bag – Roberts you Dad’s Brother – ready to go. Being able to take Puuddings bed with us has really helped to settle her when we are away as everything smells of her and is familiar.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the Chicco Lullago is pretty, we have ours in battleship grey. (they call
it dove grey, but who are they kidding?) It’s not ugly as such but more serviceable than pleasing to the eye, none of your cutesy Moses baskets here. The other real nuisance are sheets for the Lullago – you can buy the specific designed ones from Chicco for a whopping Β£30 for 2, or I managed to get some small flat cot sheets that worked quite well and I did make some pretty ones on the sewing machine too.

Overall the Chicco Lullago does exactly
what Chicco says it will do! We have been pleased how well the product has fitted into our family life and would recommend it.

Official Rating: 🍰🍰🍰🍰 4/5

Stokke Steps & Newborn Bouncer



One of our most expensive purchases has been our Stokke Steps chair but it’s also been one of our best. Brilliant for Pie to be independent at sitting at the table, he was able to climb up from about 2 1/2 and join us for a family meal. He is also able to push it across the floor and use it as a step ladder – shows how light it is to move, but I don’t recommend this usage!! Saying that I have stood on it to paint various places round the house, it was sturdy enough to hold me at 38 weeks pregnant with Pudding, and it wiped clean…

We have also used the Steps as an extra chair for adults when we run out st dinner parties – most people comment that it’s very comfortable, even if they do end up sitting a little higher than everyone else 😊.

When Pudding arrived I decided to buy one of the newborn bouncey chair attachments. You can see why these are quite expensive, the seat is lovely and plush. The 5 point harness is really secure, although I do worry that the angle of the seat is quite steep so a good hold on a wriggly Pudding is required. The chair attachment is easy to fit and remove from the chair – two little dots go green when it’s correctly attached, great little security check for tired and harassed mummy. When you disconnect the seat the bottom flips out so it can be stood on the floor free standing.

By far and away the best thing is that combined the Steps and bouncer mean that Pudding can sit with us at the table and join in family meal times. She is already showing an interest in food, and loves to be included in the conversation. It also provides a great safe place to pop her when I have chores or blogging to do – she can see me and I can wander between rooms knowing one of those naughty sausage dogs can’t lick her face or sit on her blanket.

I am sure we will invest in the next stage baby seat when she is ready to sit and try her own plate of dinner. Like I said the Stokke Steps is one of most expensive things we have brought but it has certainly earnt it’s keep through two children and both Pudding & Pie would recommend the investment.

Pudding Rating: 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍩 4.5/5

Sophie la Giraffe


Ah the infamous Sophie le Giraffe, we will soon be on our second one due to a slight incident with the family dog! I guess the fact that we are going to buy a second one demonstrates how much we value this toy. Personally before I brought this for Pudding I was very sceptical, why on earth was this one of the best selling baby products?

Well now I get it, Pudding loves this, even at 3 months she can hold it in her hand either by the leg of the neck and she loves to chew its face while she goes through this pre-teething stage. Sophie’s squeaker makes her smile and she turns to see where it is. This is brilliant for Pie, as he gets to play with her and see her react to what he is doing, certainly strengthening that sibling bond. Unfortunately the squeaker does send the dogs into fits…

On a safety note, Sophie is great, she is made of 100% natural rubber and painted with non toxic paint – perfectly safe for your little one to chomp on when those nasty teeth are working their way through. I was amazed when I looked into the Sophie La Giraffe website and read about how this simplistic toy helps to stimulate all of Pudding’s senses. She is easy to keep clean too.

The downsides – well apart from her obvious attraction for dogs! Sophie is quite expensive for a baby toy, but when you consider what goes into making her and how much babies seem to love them I guess its not too bad.

All in all we think Sophie La Giraffe is a worthwhile buy for your baby!

Pudding Rating: 🍰🍰🍰🍰 4/5

Ewan the Dream Sheep


Now when Pudding was born and I was doing some reviews into the new products around since Pie was born Ewan the Sheep kept coming up, so I spoke to a couple of my mummy friends and he came really highly recommended and because we had gone for a crib a mobile seemed a bit big. So we ordered one!

What a fantastic little gadget – Ewan is super soft and snuggly, really easy to install batteries and to operate. He has a couple of modes which determine how long the sounds play for and how loud which can be set up be taking the disc part out of his tummy. You can also set up the red light – designed to mimic the light baby would have seen in the womb. Each one of Ewans’ Legs makes a different sound, there is harp music, heartbeat, rain or the vacuum cleaner. These white noise sounds have been proven to help soothe babies as again they mimic what they would have heard in the womb.

Still the proof was in the Pudding – she loved it right from the start, all the noises seemed to be quite soothing but as she gets older she really enjoys the harp and the heart beat best. We used Ewan right from the first few days, every time we laid her down after her last feed at night we would press one of his legs. Now Ewan is an important part of her routine, he signifies the difference between day time naps and actual bed time. Ewan fits nicely in Puddings’ crib but he also has a velcro loop tail so you could hang him up if you wanted too.

The only real downside to Ewan is that he does seem to get through quite a lot of batteries – we are on our 4th set in 3 months. This is only a huge issue if you haven’t realised that the batteries are running out and your baby is as dependent on Ewan as Pudding is! We now keep spare batteries at home – the first sign that Ewan is starting to run out is an abrupt stop to the white noise/music. Ewan the Dream Sheep is quite expensive at Β£29.99 from most retailers, but I guess that is comparable to a cot mobile.

Overall we are impressed with Ewan the Dream Sheep and we would recommend him for newborns and for helping to establish a nice calm bedtime routine.

Pudding Rating: 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰 5/5


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